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Welcome to the quattro Owners' Club,

the home for all quattro owners, drivers and enthusiasts.

We believe the Audi quattro is the most significant car of the 20th century. The Ur quattro redefined both road and rally cars and is still influencing car design since its launch in March 1980Although each quattro in the intervening 40 years+ has its own unique character, at their core they share the DNA of that very first car.

The quattro Owners' Club is dedicated to supporting quattro owners and enthusiasts whist preserving the quattro legacy for future generations to enjoy.  Established in 1990 by five founder members, the Club is now the world’s largest quattro dedicated Club.

The United Kingdom was the Ur quattro’s largest export market, however just 2,709 examples were imported during its eleven year production run (total produced 11,452). This was after all a hand-built car, assembled in a dedicated factory separately from any other Audi.

The quattro Owners' Club brings together owners, drivers and enthusiasts to share knowledge and experiences; we are the quattro family. From highly original cars to fire breathing Group B monsters as well as all modern quattro derivatives, we ensure that the quattro legend lives on in the eye of the public through shows, events and publications

We are passionate about the history and legacy of the quattro, that’s why our Club has a dedicated historian supporting our members.

Our aim to make quattro ownership simple.

Welcome to your quattro Owners' Club.

Daniel Barton

Club Chairman