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** 2018 – qOC events Diary  **


15/18 February - London Classic Car Show – ExCel London (qOC event)

22 April - Stilton Cheese Run - Uppingham -Rutland (regional event)
Organiser: Simon Wilson – Area K

06 May - AGM – Edinburgh (venue tbc)

28 May - Ace Café – London (qOC event)
Organiser: Phil Jameson – Area C1

2/3 June - Tatton Classic Car Spectacular (regional event)
Organiser: Phil Jameson – Area C1

TBC August - Ignition Show SECC – Glasgow (regional event)
Organiser: Stephen McPherson – Area A2

12 August - Audis in the Park – Deene Park – Corby (regional event)
Organiser: Andy Galloway – Area M

18/19 August - Tatton Passion for Power (regional event)
Organiser: Phil Jameson - Area C1

15/16 September - Manchester Classic Car Show (regional event)
Organiser: Phil Jameson – Area C1

22 September - Rally Day – Castle Combe (qOC event)

13 October - Audi Driver International - Castle Combe (qOC event)

26/28 October - Scottish Tour. – Area A2 (qOC event)

9/11 November - NEC Classic Car Show – Birmingham (qOC event)


There are other regional events which qOC Area Rep’s confirm on the Forum, or in the Newsletter.

Thanks must go to all the qOC club officers and Area Rep’s, who give up their free time to keep this club enthusiastic and useful to members.

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