Classics for Carers - 03/05/2020


Classic for carers 03 05 20






On Sunday 3rd May, owners of classic cars were invited to stage a national static event at home to share their passion either online or on the driveway, for the enjoyment of local communities while out on their permitted daily exercise (while observing social distancing requirements of course). 

Protect the NHS and save lives has been widely supported, social distancing measures have meant that motoring enthusiasts have swapped time spent at displays and events, for time spent tinkering and polishing at home. This event was an opportunity to throw open the garage doors, pull off the covers and join like-minded enthusiasts in supporting the incredible NHS heroes, working selflessly in exceptional circumstances. 

The purchase an event rally plate/sticker for the car or make a donation via the event’s JustGiving charity page, all profits went to the NHS charity. 

Our member Pete put his coupe out on show and posted the pictures (see below) on the Classics for Carer’s Facebook site and getting some very nice responses. The event was very well attended and made £13,500 (at the last check). 

An interesting day and thanks again. 

PS: We all thank Bob Wilson who originally sent us all the information and Pete for participating, well done.

Peter argent re Carers 1Peter argent re Carers 2