Greetings from Sweden - Bertil Gustavsson

A little about me .. My interest in audiquattro started immediately when it debuted in 1980!  I was a frequent spectator at the Swedish Rally where I got to see and hear quattros thundering up in the woods.

Arne Hertz received the gift of a UR quattro when he and Mikkola became world champions. This car came up for sale in our local VAG dealer here in my city. I went there several times to look at it. The car was sold after a period of time to a guy living near me, so I saw it frequently in traffic.  Unfortunately I do not know on the history surrounding it.

I was close to buying an imported urquattro 1986, but had just bought a Saab 9000 Turbo, so the time was not right for a purchase.  Over the years I followed UR quattro ads in the newspapers and finally I bought a tornado red 1985 model which I still own. The car is now fully completed with new paint etc, Only the engine remains to freshen up.

The car is original, however I have for vanity's sake now put on the high spoiler and sport quattro wheels.

Bert Tornado

At about the time I bought the car, I started my interest in model cars and nostalgia around the UR and the Sport quattro. I began to go on toy collectors markets, etc., but more and more came to be buying on eBay worldwide.

Today I have close to 1500 models in my collection, including a UR and Sport
quattro, duplicates included…  Maybe if interest persists, it will be able to establish a small ur- and sport quattro "museum" in an expanded garage. I have collected everything from the smallest model car that is only about 15 mm long, to the largest, a scale model of the German Danhausen sport quattro to a scale 1/5, which I think is the top model in my collection. The collection also includes some prototype models from Chinese manufacturers, who are in only one edition.

SWB model

Taking up another fun nostalgic idea. I also got hold of all four (German, English, French and Italian) speech synthesisisers and will in 2016 connect them to enjoy each language message. This will be a highlight of our upcoming UR quattro meeting in 2016, which I hope will be the largest so far, our goal being 15-20 cars.

So, greetings to UK quattro owners from Sweden!

Sincerely, Bertil Gustavsson