Prescott Hill 12/07/20



You might remember that we were invited to join a non-competitive “Drive Hill Day” on Sunday 12th July 2020. This event was specially designed to provide local car clubs with the opportunity to visit Prescott for non-competitive hill drives, to partake in award winning fish and chips, or a luxury Prescott Picnic Hamper and enjoy a gentle return to the wonderful estate.

Our member Adam Hooper took the opportunity to take his quattro out for a run, here is the report he sent us:

 Good afternoon, just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the experience on Sunday at Prescott, and thank you all concerned for putting the event on with the opportunity for car clubs to get involved.

 I haven’t been to the track since I last spectated there in the mid 1970’s so it was a pleasure to come back and actually drive up the course as well, in my late father’s quattro, he would have approved!

 If there are similar future events, I’d very much appreciate the opportunity to attend again, but in the meantime thanks again for a very enjoyable day out!



 Adam Hooper Prescott July 2020 to publish3