Shelsley Walsh 17 July 2016

The highlight of the weekend was Hans Stuck junior taking a replica of his father’s 1936 Auto Union V16 supercharged car up the hill at a blistering pace, as it was 80 years ago his father broke the record.

IMG 8109

Second to that was seeing David Llewellin driving Walter Whorl's ex works S1 quattro (now owned by Audi Tradition) up the hill climb absolutely flat out. The sound of the 5 cylinders and the sight of a works quattro on the limit brought back memories of the 80’s cars in the forests of Wales for the RAC Rally amongst many others.

IMG 8071

We had no less than 10 quattro’s on Saturday and 12 on Sunday.

IMG 8093IMG 8094

Also present was the works quattro MAN 44A that was last driven by David Llewellin, delighted to meet his old car.

The icing on the cake was the number of group B cars out on the hill, a list too long to name, including 2 quattro Rally examples, a short wheelbase and a long wheelbase giving it everything as you would expect. Plenty of other superb group B cars wonderfully turned out and absolutely going for it.

To see and hear all the old classics and group B cars going up the hill brought back so many memories.

A great meeting.

IMG 8085IMG 3IMG 8122