qOC Tyre Raffle

Two Free Pirellis P700Z 215x50/15

As we all know, tyres for the Ur quattro were no longer available for some time, leaving the owners with very little option. After some hard work by dedicated members of the qOC, a solution was found with the help of Longstone Tyres, a specialist supplier of tyres for niche and classic vehicles.

Longstone have very good links with OEM tyre companies and we are pleased to say that Pirelli have re-manufactured the P700Z in the 215x50/15 size for the Ur using the original moulds.

To kick start this unique supply chain, Longstone offered us 2 tyres to be raffled to all qOC members at a draw in September 2018:

We are proud to announce the name of our lucky winner, our member Eric Wilkinson.

IMG 1047













As luck would have it, Eric needed a new set for his WR so he ordered an extra 2 tyres. Quick delivery and now duly fitted as you can see from the pictures.

 IMG 1021 1IMG 1022IMG 7




































Eric has reported the following:

“My tyre fitter was very impressed with the quality; he said the coloured marks show the tyres have been balanced and are pretty much perfect - this was borne out when he balanced the wheels with the tyres on. If you zoom in on image 1021 you can even see the AO Audi original fitment mark. I've only done 20 miles but they feel great so far.”

 IMG 1021zoom

Again, congratulations Eric, and thank you to Longstone Classic Tyres, the only supplier of these tyres, now available to order.